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Traveling makes me feel alive. I love new experiences, new places, and new cultures. Going off the beaten path, away from the main touristy spots, to really understand how the locals live is one of my favorite aspects of traveling. I stop at all the local coffee shops and chat with the locals about their favorite things to do and places to eat in the area.

Google is great, but nothing compares to the local insider recommendations. I aim to pass those recommendations on to you - so you can soak in the culture and have truly authentic experiences.





My first international trip happened when I was in seventh grade. I was part of the Spanish Club at my Junior High and each year the amazing teacher would host a trip to a Spanish-speaking country for a small group of students. That year, the country of choice was Costa Rica and I was determined to be on that trip! Not only would this be my first time leaving the country, but it would also be my first time traveling without my family since I was just 12 years old at the time.

For several months, I sold See’s candy bars outside of grocery stores to earn the money to pay for this trip; I got my first passport; I learned enough Spanish to speak with the locals; and my love of researching travel destinations was born. I still remember that a new set of luggage was my birthday present that year – not the gift your average 12-year-old would be excited about – but I was over the moon about my new roller-bag!

That seventh grade trip was such a fun week for me, that I immediately knew that I would want to participate in the eighth grade trip the following year – and I did! So again, I spent months selling See’s candy bars and researching the destination. That year, we traveled through Mexico for a week and I was able to really soak in the culture and put the knowledge I was learning in my Spanish classes to use.

I can thank my Junior High teacher, Mr. Dunn, for sparking my love of international travel. It all started at age 12 and now I’ve been to over
15 countries and spent countless days traveling over the past 20+ years.

How my love
of travel started

HEY, I'm Chelsy. Montana based and travel obsessed.

"Dreams are the seeds of reality." That's my motto and I'm here to help you turn your dreams of travel into your reality. Whether you're new to traveling or well-versed in airports and travel lingo, I can help you take the stress out of planning and booking your next adventure. From relaxing beach trips, to romantic honeymoons, and adventure filled family-vacations, I've got you covered!

City girl moves to the country...

I believe iced lattes are meant to be enjoyed year-round, and that the world is meant to be explored. 
Well-caffeinated of course. ;)

I was born and raised in Southern California. After graduating college, I moved to Las Vegas and spent 16 years there before moving to Montana in 2020. Glacier National Park is now basically my back yard, and there's a small airport just 15 minutes from my house that is the beginning point of all my latest adventures.

As a mom of two, I'm well-versed in family travel - yet I've also done my fair share of couple travel and even solo travel. I personally LOVE cruising, all-inclusive resorts, and road-trips. I'm the gal who seems to always be on the go, is always planning my next trip, and is always getting asked "how did you find this place?!!" from all my friends.

I'd love to share my love of planning with you!

Type a, detail oriented, travel addict

On a personal note...

The hill I'll die on:

I've cruised through the Hawaiian islands on a two week journey, sailed through Alaska's glaciers and charming sea towns three times, sailed to Mexico's vibrant cities five times, and island hopped through the Caribbean more times than I can count. (I think my cruise total is somewhere around 18 - maybe more.)

When I'm not cruising, I've flown directly to Australia (twice), drove through the entire country of Iceland, explored all of southern Ireland, road-triped and National Park hopped through Alberta, Canada, and enjoyed luxurious all-inclusive resorts in Cabo San Lucas and Jamaica, lived the "Pura Vida" life in Costa Rica, and throughly explored over 30 of the beautiful United States.

And this is just the beginning...

I haven't been everywhere yet, but it's on my list



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