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Expedia vs Travel Advisor – Who’s Better To Book With?


If I were to tell you that working with a travel advisor is the very best way to travel, would you believe me? If your knee-jerk reaction was to say no, it’s okay – I’m not judging you. That’s because over the years, travel advisors have been miscategorized and misunderstood.  When you think “travel agent,” you’re probably imagining […]

Top 4 Reasons Why You Need A Travel Agent

The 4 Top Reasons Why You Need A Travel Agent For Your Next Trip


If you’ve ever passed by a dusty, old storefront from a long-ago travel agency, you may have developed the impression that travel advisors are a thing of the past. In reality, though, travel advisors are more popular than ever, and they’re used for a lot more than just honeymoons and bucket list adventures. In fact, […]

Travel Advisor vs AMEX American Express

Travel Advisor vs. American Express – Why book with me?


“Why should I book with a Travel Advisor when I could just book through Amex?”This is one of the most common questions I get, along with… “Aren’t the hotel perks the same? And what about that 5x points value? Why is booking with you better?” And I’ve got answers. Read on to learn why booking […]

Worldwide Travel Partners

Worldwide Travel Partners: The VIP List


It’s common for people to ask me “can you book (blank) hotel for me?” Yes, yes, yes! As a Fora Travel Advisor, I have partnerships with dozens of brands and over 4,500 hotel properties around the world! Fora is part of so many Preferred Partner programs, from Virtuoso to Four Seasons and beyond. This list […]

Working With A Travel Advisor FAQ’s


I get it – working with a Travel Advisor seems too good to be true! If you’ve never experienced the benefits, I can totally understand why you’d be a lit leery. But, let me put your mind at ease and answer all of your questions about what it’s like to work with a Travel Advisor […]


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